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Every little girl dream is to be a princess

Princess Academy

" You dont need a crown or a pretty dress; You were born a Princess"

Upcoming shows

To be confirmed...

Please email us if you would like to be informed of the next show date

What to expect!

Join Princess Aria and her friend Twinkle star at the hour-long interactive musical experience of Princess Academy.

Within this hour includes professional  Face Painting (hypo-allergenic &Vegan), Crafts & Cupcakes (All Vegan, let us know if you require GF as well) & of course meet & greet / photos with Princess Aria.

To make it even more special, your little Princess will get her very own Tiara & Certificate to take home at the end of the show!

The show is targeted towards 3-8 year old girls however all ages are welcomed. (Parents and under 1 yrs old are free with a paid child.)
*We ask is that you arrive on time but if you are early please do not enter the room until start time. You are responsible for the safety and whereabouts of your little one during and after the show. 


$30 incl. gst - Per child (adults and under 1 years old is free with paid child) 

$50 incl. gst -  Twinkle Star Special price for x 2 children

$15 incl. gst- Repeat attendance, for those little Princesses whom have already been to a show but just can't get enough of it!

Payment options: 

Cash (May pay for tickets at door if RSVP'd otherwise there will not be  a cupcake allocated for your child)

EFTPOS, Credit/Debit card 


Online Banking: (Contact us before paying for shipped items)


Princess Academy 


Reference: (your name)

Particulars: (what you purchased) eg. show,tutu,cd

 Code: (child's name if ticket purchased)


                                             Feel free to email us is you have any questions or concerns.