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Customer Raves!

"Fantastic show! The girls loved every minute of it from the songs, face painting, dancing, princess lessons and of course Princess Aria. Very professional, highly engaging, suitable for a variety of ages, I will definitely be booking Princess Academy again." 
- Annelli M. (Northcross Church)

"The Princess Academy show is a one of a kind experience for every little princess. The songs are very catchy and full of values. My daughter loves having the CD with all of the songs at home that she can sing and dance along to."
-Naomi Price (Church unlimited)

"Excellent interaction with the kids! Awesome concept to teach what is missing today. Songs Brilliant, words; voice & lyrics - WOW! Excellent added value with cupcakes, activities; certificates & little Tiara.
- Jacqueline C.

"It was AMAZING! So refreshing to have a positive role model for our girls. We will definitely be back! <3
-Tammy B.

"It was fantastic and we WILL be back for the next one! Payton's face showed exactly how much she loved it. Also you need to charge more!"
-Helen J.

"Great for a 5 year old. She loved the music.Right length of time and Loved the activities. nice to see a Tiara clip, better quality than many. Great value for the show overall! We'd come again!"

"I thought it was awesome, my daughter and niece have been looking forward to this for weeks. Not disappointed. Loved the activities and engagement."
- Arevivi T.

"Very friendly staff- all so welcoming, great positive messages in the songs. I love Dancing, I love You Princess Aria!"
- Shay and mum Lisa

"Nothing like this around! Such an amazing show with great values."  - Sara B.

"Lovely, catchy tunes and very creative, Little girls and big girls will love it!!!" - Janine M.

"Every girl will love this! The songs are so catchy and the lessons sung about are invaluable. Nikki is beautiful as Princess Aria! The little princess inside us all will be moved! You'll find yourself humming the songs when you least expect it!" - Donna F.

"Absolutely Stunning! Very professional and the message in the songs and the words were so powerful and moving and FUN! I'll be telling lots of little Princesses about your Party Packages. Thanks you!" - Cathy D.

"Amazing! You have done such an amazing job with all the props and wonderful songs. I am going to tell all my friends about it!" - Naomi P.

"It was great. Very well done. Great lessons. Love Princess Aria's dress! The kids liked being able to participate and talk to the Princess/ have a photo." - Janine W.

" We loved the show and the songs. Great for a princess in training!" - Casey

"The show was fabulous. The girls were entranced by Princess Aria" - Anonymous

"Cara is 4 and loved it! I like the professionalism- the quality of the stage and set-up and all the extra's were really great (colouring in, tiara's, certificates & tutus) we loved it! well done!" - Jess P.

"Awesome! I loved every bit of it... It was captivating from start to end... the decor is so complementing. I loved the interaction with the children." - Shulamit A.

"Well done Nikki! Fantastic songs and what parent wouldn't love the lessons in them! I think some of the highlights were when you involved the kids- dancing in a circle, the personal touch afterwards was superb! I think that was the real selling point. Mikayla is 2 1/2 and held her attention for a long while but her 4 year old cousin couldn't take her eyes off you the entire time! Ps. the face painting was a great hit! perfect for Princesses. What a blessing this show will be to many little girls and their parents." - Lyn A.

" I loved it, the kids seemed engaged and i loved your actions, so big and attention grabbing. The show went by so fast. great work Princess." - Anonymous

" What a fantastic Show!  My daughter had a great time.  She was talking about it for the rest of the weekend and she loves listening to the cd.  I think having the CD at home has been great as things she might have missed in the excitement of the show she can now hear again and let it sink in. Having the table for them to colour in at with all the sparkly stickers etc and the face painting worked really well while they waited and helped build the excitement of the special event.  As an adult I couldn't help but be impressed by the quality of the show and your products.The songs sounded very professional and had great words and music. " - Leanne F.

Alise had a wonderful morning! I loved the way someone greet us at the door, putting a tutu and a crown on my daughter, and called her princess straight away, she was so in to the character, even for her young age (she's only 2 and a half).

The helpers were so lovely as well, they were into it, I felt Alise was very well looked after.

I loved the fact you had other activities while we were waiting to get the face paint and to wait for princess Aria to arrived.

Your personality is so lovely that engaged very well with the girls.

Love the music! Alise asked me to put the CD because she wanted to sing along and to show her brother and her daddy, and to our surprise she sang along! I can't believe she remembered the songs and she loves them! -Carola

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