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Every little girl dream is to be a princess

Princess Academy

" You dont need a crown or a pretty dress; You were born a Princess"

Princess entertainer, auckland, nz

dancing to twinkle twinkle little star

Princess Academy was created to teach our precious young girls what it means to be a TRUE Princess. Experience this enchanting interactive musical show filled with original songs, movement with ribbons, singing and dancing with your little girl.

Princess Academy is a one woman show performed by the creator Nikki Funk who plays Princess Aria (named after her own young daughter). With the help of her special friend "Twinkle Star" your little Princess will learn important values such as; Basic Manners, Helping, Kindness, Self confidence ,Perseverance , Friendship, 

 Honesty and the important message for all ages, that they are special and valued just the way they are (of course how to Princess wave, Twirl & Curtsy is essential as well)! The show is best suited for ages 3-8 but all ages are welcome.

Visit the upcoming shows tab for full show details & also check out our Party Packages tab to see our extensive packages as we do Birthdays, fairs, church events, school/holiday programs wherever you want us really! 

Nikki Funk and her daughter Aria (the inspiration)
Nikki & daughter Aria