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Every little girl dream is to be a princess

Princess Academy

" You dont need a crown or a pretty dress; You were born a Princess"

Our Quest

Let’s face it, most girls are obsessed with Princesses! Much of it has to do with Disney's portrayal, but what young girl or women for that matter doesn't dream of being a Princess? The desire to be a princess has less to do with having a kingdom and a crown, but more so to be everything we image a princess to be which is; Kind, Generous, Courageous, Graceful, Honest, Gentle and Beautiful (especially on the inside)…

Our quest at Princess Academy is to inform the next generation of young women that, what makes them a Princess is all about what's on the inside & that they are special and valued just the way they are. We want to encourage these young ladies to believe in themselves & to be helpful & caring towards people around them. We also want them to leave standing tall (literally & figuratively), using their best manners & lastly we want them to know that, "You don't need a crown or a pretty dress; you  were born a Princess".

This show is our first step in helping to achieve that mission.

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